Freeze Sleeve Orthopedics This Week

Freeze Sleeve - 2017 - Orthopedics This Week - Sports Medicine Award

Freeze Sleeve is proud to announce we were the recipients of an award as one of the top 10 sports medicine technologies in 2017 presented by Orthopedics This Week.

We are honored to receive this award, as we look to carry our mission to help a loved one recover from an injury, a surgery, after a work out, or even just for those daily aches and pains.

To read more, please check out the following link:

2017 - Top Ten Sports Medicine Technologies - Orthopedic This Week

Thank you for the support, encouragement and recognition, as we carry this important mission of daily recovery forward in 2017!

Team Freeze Sleeve

Freeze It!  Sleeve It!  Relieve It!

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